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QUADRAGON supports you and your team to position yourself ideally in your company or your public authority, and to act significantly more successfully.

What would you like to change in the next six to twelve months?


Would you like to be perceived not only as an excellent specialist but also as an above-average managerial personality? Would you like to be perceived as a senior executive on an equal footing?
Do you want to improve the productivity, effectiveness or positioning of your highly specialized department or professional service firm in a sustainable and measurable way?
Do you want to have the assurance that your field of responsibility will work smoothly today and in the future? That you will have more time to take care of the really important things, like exciting projects, your career, your work / life balance or simply the things you have loved about your job originally?
No matter what goal you pursue, QUADRAGON will help you achieve your professional goals in the shortest possible time. Just as we have already done for many satisfied executives in the area of corporate professional services (CPS) departments and professional service firms.

There is no coincidende that our CPS management solutions are regarded as best practice for companies and public authorities who value high-level performance within the framework of establishment, management and development of their highly specialized operating departments.

On the other hand, our PSF management solutions are also known for the fact that they support professional service firms in quickly breaking through the relevant effectiveness thresholds in order to expand a long-term lucrative and secure business.

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Build-up & optimization of highly specialized departments (CPS)

“QUADRAGON CPS Management” stands for the efficiency-oriented range of services for the set-up, management and optimization of corporate professional services departments such as:

  • Legal departments
  • Compliance departments
  • Risk management departments
  • Finance / controlling departments
  • Internal audit departments
  • Tax departments
  • Treasury departments
  • IT departments, etc.
Home Quadragon Professional Service Firm Management (en)

Positioning & optimization of professional service firms (PSF)

“QUADRAGON PSF Management” is the pioneering service for the management and development of professional service companies such as:

  • Consulting firms
  • Law firms
  • Fiduciary companies
  • Tax Advisory firms
  • Building / architecture firms
  • Marketing agencies
  • PR / communications firms 
  • Executive search firms, etc.

QUADRAGON means professional peak performance for a cutting edge professional services management

Get to know our solutions for the success of your optimization, repositioning or change initiatives in professional services management. For all corporate professional services departments (CPS) and professional service firms (PSF).

About Professional Services Management Solutions

Get your grip on Professional Services Management

Our Professional Services Management solutions aim at optimally working organizations, teams and individuals concurrently. The result is efficiency increase, cost reduction and maximizing your potential.

About the thought leaders in Professional Services Management

Get to know the thought leaders behind QUADRAGON MANAGEMENT and what our internationally renowned experts can do for you, your company or your public authority, so that you can be more successful today, but also in the future.
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